Metacritic Journal

for Comparative Studies and Theory

ISSN 2457 – 8827
Mihaela Ursa Mihaela Ursa

Lovers and Tamers: Transmediations of Shakespeare's TAMING OF THE SHREW to Visual Culture

The critical dispute in the interpretive history of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew is traditionally polarised between whether Katherina is - at the end of the play - tamed or not. This article examines part of this interpretive history as a barometer of cultural coding of domestic love. Instead of deciding yet again if Katherina is sincere, or just acting obedient, I want to see how different cultural contexts choose their reading of a canonic play in popular culture. The article shows how and where the...   ⇨ Read more
Andrei Cristian Neguț Andrei Cristian Neguț

Transmedial Development of the Narreme. A Virtual Apex

This paper aims to present a brief diachronic and transmedial overview of the development of the features of narration and its atomic unit, the narreme. Across media, narratives change, and so do the techniques and processes involved, giving rise to several distinctions in terms of genre, narreme delivery, audience involvement and relationship between audience and author. This is achieved through an attempt at identifying certain common features of narratives across media and to properly define and isolate the...   ⇨ Read more