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Andrei Cristian Neguț Andrei Cristian Neguț

Transmedial Development of the Narreme. A Virtual Apex

This paper aims to present a brief diachronic and transmedial overview of the development of the features of narration and its atomic unit, the narreme. Across media, narratives change, and so do the techniques and processes involved, giving rise to several distinctions in terms of genre, narreme delivery, audience involvement and relationship between audience and author. This is achieved through an attempt at identifying certain common features of narratives across media and to properly define and isolate the...   ⇨ Read more
Liviu Luțaș Liviu Luțaș

Metalepsis and the Past in Fiction: A Study Based on Francophone Literature

The aim of this study is to challenge the view that narrative metalepsis is incompatible with the writing about the past and history. I study three works by francophone writers in which metalepsis and another similar narrative device, syllepsis, are used in interesting ways in stories dealing in different ways with the past. In C F Ramuz’s short story Scène dans la forêt, both devices are used in order to give the reader the impression of being in physical contact with past events and with the fictional events...   ⇨ Read more
Narvika Bovcon,   Aleš Vaupotič Narvika Bovcon, Aleš Vaupotič

A Network of Themes: A Qualitative Approach to Gerhard Richter's TEXT

Gerhard Richter's books Text – a collection of painter's verbal statements about his artistic method – and Atlas – 783 sheets with images, mainly photographs and visual notations – are two archives that complement the understanding of his diverse artistic practice. The paper presents a textual model that experimentally simulates a possible ordering principle for archives. Richter's statements in the book Text are cut up and used as short quotations. Those that relate to multiple aspects of the painter's oeuvre...   ⇨ Read more
Éva Noémi  Lőrentz Éva Noémi Lőrentz

The Connection between the Child Narrator and the Magical Realism in György Dragomán’s Novel THE BONFIRE

The main issue of the novel The Bonfire (Original title: Máglya) by the Hungarian writer György Dragomán is the confrontation of the child narrator (a 13-year old girl) with the traumas of the twentieth century which marked her parents’ and grandparents’ life and are still influencing her life in the post-communist era. The first premise of the central argument is that the child’s special point of view determines the perception of history and forgiveness. The second premise is that this point of view can be...   ⇨ Read more
Ashima Shrawan Ashima Shrawan

Kuntaka’s Theory of VAKROKTI and Russian Formalism: Affinities and Parallelisms

Both Indian and Western aesthetic thinking is impregnated with significant views about the language of literature. However, the Indian theory of vakrokti (obliquity) and the Western theory of Russian Formalism deal with the language of literature exhaustively. Kuntaka’s theory of vakrokti and Russian formalism consider that a certain obliqueness or indirection or defamiliarization is the most distinguishing characteristic of the language of literature. Both theories point out this very aspect of language of...   ⇨ Read more
Ioana Pavel Ioana Pavel

Literature and Migration: The Re-presentations of Italy in Contemporary Romanian Prose

Thematised through the mechanism of fictionalization, migration is one of the common fields in which the social impact upon literature is visible on multiple levels. Discussions in which migration occupies a central place cover different areas of literary interest. Such areas are the status and the thematic preferences of the migrant writer, the “migration” (i.e. the circuit) of the book in the international space, and to the thematic reflection upon cultural, identity related, or psychological consequences of...   ⇨ Read more