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Alex Goldiș Alex Goldiș

Strategies of Globalisation in Romanian Literary Histories

This paper explores Romanian literary histories in the light of the theoretical acknowledgements of “World Literature”. Its foremost representatives define the international literary space as a competition for universal acknowledgment among nations. The complex dynamic between culture and socio-economic power is responsible for the hierarchical distinction between (semi)peripheral and core literatures. The case of Romanian literature is significant for the East-European struggle to overcome the socio-political...   ⇨ Read more
Emanuel Modoc Emanuel Modoc

The Poetics of Romanian Avant-Garde Manifestoes

This article intends to examine the avant-garde manifestoes that were written during the period in which the historical avant-garde movements were active in Romanian literature. We choose to operate with the phrase historical avant-garde in this study because the Romanian avant-garde movements have manifested themselves in a rather fixed period of time, namely in the interwar period. It is during this period that the most important Romanian avant-garde manifestoes were written. At the same time, this paper aims...   ⇨ Read more