Metacritic Journal

for Comparative Studies and Theory

ISSN 2457 – 8827
Laura Pavel Laura Pavel

On Diving into Artistic Potentiality – The Infra-Gaze of Interpretation

What does it take for the cultural analyst to actually engage in a hermeneutical dialogue with ekphrastic artworks and to critically echo their mutual exchanges? How should the art critic acknowledge the dialogism that is intrinsic to different artistic media? It may be as if one adopted not only a meta perspective of interpretation, but also an infra view, by delving into the interstices of artistic praxis. This would amount to a methodological leap, from an encompassing, transcending gaze at artworks and...   ⇨ Read more
Cristina Diamant Cristina Diamant


Over the past 50 years, the understanding of the nymphet has mutated from a special type of becoming, as seen in Nabokov′s master text, to being a Lilith- like essence. There are other rules to be observed by the American artists Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie when portraying a nymphet as contrasted to those Soumei Hoshino has to follow in Japan. They navigate different (sub)cultural contexts and address varying conventions, so that visually “translating” Lewis Carroll′s Alice becoming a nymphet implies...   ⇨ Read more
Călina Părău Călina Părău

Assembling “Bare Life” as National Corporeality in Cinema

The following paper addresses two different ways of constructing social and private visibility by means of cinematic investments of corporeal territoriality. Drawing upon transgender and national identity issues in Breakfast on Pluto (2005) it formulates the sense of belonging in relation to body representation. The other type of bodily material belonging is investigated through the cinema of Kusturica. In these films, images of the private are constructed as impossible self-portraits, generating new politics...   ⇨ Read more