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Romanian literature
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Emanuel Modoc Emanuel Modoc

Nature Writing in Romania During the Post-War and Post-communist Period

Romanian literary discourse on nature and the effects of industrialization following the 1989 revolution in comparison to the ideological discourse of the post-war era. If Romanian post-war literary discourse is firmly tied to the underlying ideology of Communism, then any attempt to investigate the discourse on nature in this period must be made alongside a reading of the Communist discourse on nature. In this respect, the situation of Romanian post-1989 prose that contains aspects of the influence of...   ⇨ Read more
Cosmin Borza Cosmin Borza

The Heroines. Re-mythicization of the First World War in the Romanian Literature

The paper analyses the most significant Romanian literary representation of First World War in which femininity is imagined as subversive to the “negative myth” of the conflagration. In the Romanian culture, this so-called “negative myth” is of such great magnitude that the literary works that anathemize the historical event responsible for the birth of Greater Romania are labelled as attacks on the nation. A discordant note to the above mentioned demythologizing tendency is struck by a series of female...   ⇨ Read more
Daiana  Gârdan Daiana Gârdan

The Great Female Unread. Romanian Women Novelists in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: a Quantitative Approach

The following paper intends to investigate the main junctures and disjunctures of Romanian prose written by women in the first half of the twentieth century from a quantitative perspective. The paper will employ a macroanalysis of both the novels written in this period and the prose written by female writers, in order to establish a pattern in the modernisation and institutionalisation of Romanian literature in the inter-war period, more specifically in the 1930s, the decade that saw the emergence of the main...   ⇨ Read more