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Ileana Nicoleta  Sălcudean

Ileana Nicoleta Sălcudean

Ileana Nicoleta Sălcudean is currently a lecturer at Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies, Theatre and Television Faculty. Her spheres of interest are: cultural studies, sociology of culture, creative industries. Recent Publications: “Outrunning the Past: European Influences in Building Cultural Policies in Romania and the Role of the Romanian Cultural Institute”, The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, 46:5, 2016; “The Convergent Motions of the Social Dimension and the Cultural Dimension. National and European Blueprints”, Studia Europaea, 60/ 2015; "Creative Industries – Art and Commerce; Entrepeneurship and Creativity”, Ekphrasis 13, 2015; “New Aesthetics and New Technologies: Global Challenges to the Future of Cultural Organizations and Management”, Ekphrasis 11, 1/, 2014, etc. Books: Cultural Policies: from Bucharest to Brussels, Risoprint, 2016; Handbook of Creative Writing, co-author, PUC, 2014; `Social` and `Cultural` in the European Context, Risoprint, 2013.