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Oana  Pughineanu

Oana Pughineanu

Oana Pughineanu is assistant professor, PhD., at the Department of Journalism, Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babeș-Bolyai University. She is also MA in Philosophy and in Communication and Public Relations in the Faculty of Sociology. She is editor at the culture magazine Tribuna, and also publishes articles and reviews in peer-reviewed journals (Caietele Echinox, Euresis) and in cultural magazines: Cultura, Steaua, Apostrof, Idea, etc. She received an award for her debut in 2007 with her essay volume Plictiseală, Ratare, Prostie. Biobibliografie selectivă. She co-authored: Cărţile supravieţuitoare (2008), Scriitorul şi trupul său (2008), Tinerii scriitori (2007), Lumina de cuvinte (2015), Fotojurnalism și imagine (2015). Research fellow at the Accademia di Romania in Rome (2008-2010).