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Om Prakash  Dwivedi

Om Prakash Dwivedi

Om Prakash Dwivedi is presently a Visiting Research Fellow at Linnaeus University, Sweden. He works as an Associate Professor of English Literature at Bennett University, India. His latest publications include, Representations of Precarity in South Asian Literature in English (Palgrave 2022), Living in Dystopia: Fractured Identities and COVID-19 (special issue of Journal of Postcolonial Writing, co-edited with Andreas Wansbrough, 2022) and Partition: 75 Years On (a special issue of Journal of Commonwealth Literature, co-edited with Tabish Khair and Kamran Ali, 2022). He is also the co-author of ReOrientalism and Indian Writing in English (Palgrave 2022). He is the Vice Chair of the international research network, Challenging Precarity.