Metacritic Journal

for Comparative Studies and Theory

ISSN 2457 – 8827
Christian Moraru Christian Moraru

"The World Has Become Self-Referring": Don DeLillo’s THE NAMES and the Aesthetic of the Contemporary

The essay suggests that Don DeLillo is one of the U. S. authors who have reflected most responsibly on the crisis of modernity's fundamental institutions and community structures. Compared to the relatively stabilizing deep freeze of the Cold War, the late 1980s and the world after the fall of the Berlin Wall are, as DeLillo shows especially in his post-White Noise works, more interconnected, more “systematic,” and overall more “present.” Focusing primarily on DeLillo's 1982 novel The Names and its “world...   ⇨ Read more
Lawrence Wang Lawrence Wang

Benjamin's Voices: Irresolution and Textual Practice in ON THE CONCEPT OF HISTORY

Benjamin‘s final treatise On the Concept of History has generated significant criticism with its profound yet enigmatic statements on his historical materialism. Its internal references range from the philosopher Hegel to satirist Karl Kraus; these interludes of scientific and poetic language have garnered notable readings through Marxian lenses, as well as ample theological and literary interpretations. Reading against any simplified tradition of unity, I suggest instead an insoluble collection of distinct...   ⇨ Read more